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Are you wanting to detox your skincare and body care products, but don't know where to start? Then this is the course for you! I am a holistic esthetician and beauty and wellness expert who has been in the industry for 10 years! I have been studying ingredients and holistic skincare for years. I am ready to share my wealth of knowledge on the subject to help empower you to be able to detox your skincare and body care products! Why detox your skincare? Modern living has brought us so far away from what is truly healthy and safe for our bodies. We are meant to eat real whole food diets, get outside in the sunshine daily, drink pure water and treat our skin very simply and gently. The billion dollar beauty industry has very convincing marketing that has us scrubbing, exfoliating and drenching our skin in man made chemicals to achieve “perfect” skin that only is truly possible with an instagram filter. These man made ingredients are not only harmful to the skin, but they are also highly toxic and unsafe. I teach you how to read ingredients labels on products, so that you know what is safe and what to steer clear of! I will go over how to detox your skincare, body care and feminine care. We also go over essential oils, sun and the skin, beauty and mental health (toxic beauty culture, self compassion & self care), eating for your skin, holistic beauty tools, skin conditions, and SO MUCH MORE! *Absolutely no refunds will be granted after purchasing this course*

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Megan Cook
Megan Cook

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