living libations skincare

Glow Beauty Studio carries Living Libations skincare for your home care. Megan chose this line because it is 100% pure and full of amazing plant and essential oils. You can experience the products through a relaxing facial that will leave you glowing, however how you continue to care for your skin after your appointment is essential. If you are ready for pure, effective skincare then contact Megan to schedule a skincare consult!

                 Product highlights

Cleanse + Moisturize with Best Skin Ever- Cleanse your skin morning and night with the beautiful best skin ever oils to melt away makeup and deeply cleanse your pores. For added exfoliation squirt a few drops onto a damp washcloth and cleanse skin using circular motions. Add an extra few drops after cleansing to hydrate. 

Seabuckthorn- Perfect for all skin types, Golden Jojoba melts into endless moisture, working with Coconut and Lavender to supple and, balance the skin. Brilliant berries of Tamanu inspire the freshest skin, while rich roots of Vetiver balance sebum in the skin. Grapefruit tightens and tones as Palmarosa nourishes and adores each pore.

Sandalwood- Sensitive reactive skin? Say hello to the calming, soothing Sandalwood BSE! Sandalwood BSE can be used to moisturize dry skin, relax redness, and improve the appearance of scars and patchy, uneven skin tone.

Rose- The best choice for aging skin and rosacea with splendid Seabuckthorn, Holy Jojoba, quenching coconut, luscious Lavender, lovely Ylang Ylang, invigorating Vetiver, gorgeously-toning Grapefruit, and pore empowering Palmarosa. Rose Best Skin Ever reveals perfectly balanced, even toned skin with improved elasticity, soothed spots, and poignant plumpness.

Rose Renewal + Frankincense Firming Fluid Serum- This lightweight emollient is endowed with extra essences that firm sagging skin, ease fine lines and wrinkles. This gorgeously glowing, light and lovely liquid replenishes skin tone. It is a fabulous fluid of fortification that will keep your skin sublime as it nourishes and moisturizes the face while it minimizes the appearance of scar tissue, fine lines and protects skin exposed to the environmental elements.

Grapefruit Stellar Renewal Serum- Grapefruit Stellar Renewal serum cleanses acne imbalances while improving the appearance of scars, softening fine lines, evening skin tone and protecting skin exposed to environmental elements. Gladdening grapefruit grants this serum extra complexion-clarifying zing to tone complexion and make skin sing.

Nourish + Hydrate- For those that need extra hydration and care, top off your skincare routine with a lovely creme.

Rose Glow Creme- A daydream of rose’s revitalizing rays that embraces pores with rosy adore. This crème of botanical grace will bring balance to your benevolent face as it sinks gracefully into your complexion. It harmonizes dry, pallid and wise skin with a pure palette of botanical bounty. The elegant pink hue and rosy aroma will grace your senses with a symphony of beauty for soft resilient skin.

Maverick Creme- With Sandalwood and Frankincense that supple the skin and serene your senses, while the luxurious essences of Cape Chamomile, Cardamom, and Lavender smooth and soothe, creating a maverick melody.

Maverick Face Crème is a friend to faces that love a thick and wholesome cream to even skin tone and nourish pores after cleansing.

Targeted Treatments-

All Seeing Eye Creme- All Seeing Eye Crème is made by whipping herb-infused Jojoba, Tamanu, Shea, Borage, and Avocado oils with refreshing Rosewater and Aloe Vera. We then infuse this mixture with an entire palette of nourishing essences to soothe and infuse the delicate skin around the eyes. Dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles will enjoy an influx of moisture with this caring crème.

Goodnight Oil- The multi-tasking Goodnight Oil removes eye make-up as it strengthens skin, lashes, and brows. After all, a great makeup remover should restore and adore eyelashes and skin while you sleep!

Zippity Dew DabClarify complexions with this brilliant blend that cleanses acne and diminishes the appearance of blemishes and stubborn zits that just won’t quit! 

+ So much more of their beautiful skincare is available at Glow! Book a skincare consult or facial to try them out!

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