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1-1 online sessions

Wellness Guidance Sessions
After many years of studying holistic wellness practices, I am excited to now offer wellness guidance
 sessions. Approaching your health holistically means viewing the entire being instead of simply focusing on treating one area of the body. Skincare can’t fix an unhealthy internal being, so this is where these guidance sessions allow us to dive deeper into your overall health and wellness to help you achieve your skin and wellness goals. 


Lets work 1-1 together to help you achieve your wellness and skin goals! I will customize your sessions based on your personal goals you would like to achieve through working together. I will help you address your health from your skin, mind and body. I am excited to share my knowledge on holistic healing to help get you on an amazing routine to get you feeling and looking your best! 

Things we will work on together-

  • healthy sleep habits

  • addressing your symptoms

  • stress release techniques

  • working on helping you achieve your life goals

  • improving your mindset/mental health

  • addressing skin concerns

  • customizing your skincare/makeup for your needs

  • improving your diet with nutritious & delicious foods

  • creating a positive approach to movement 

  • + so much more!

 $75 60min one session

$180 3 60min session package ($45 savings)

Intuitive Guidance Sessions.png

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

These sessions are tailored to giving you the guidance and clarity you need to embody the highest version of yourself! I will share with you about your unique makeup through reading your astrology and human design to learn about your gifts, what makes you special & how to best utilize your energy. You can ask questions and receive intuitive guidance through me channeling intuitive messages as well as using oracle cards to guide you on your path.

 $88 45min

"I highly recommend Megan from Glow for your beauty and wellness needs! Megan is extremely talented at what she does. She has a calming, grounding presence that makes every appointment blissful and restorative." -Tina S. google review

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